How We Make It

All our products are made by hand and with a lot of love from start to finish. We believe in mastering our craft and that is why each product takes approximately 3-4 hours to make.


Depending on the product or the design, we make an artwork by hand and it is shared with our client for approval. Then each material is hand picked according to the instructions of our client or our own designer to match their idea and bring it into life.


Our craftsman then begin with making it and this is our most favourite part because seeing the design coming to life is a beautiful phase. We love to share such parts with our customers. During this process, all the necessary changes are done as per the client before finishing the product.


The completion of the product is also done by hand such as stitching, cleaning or finishing. Then the end product is shared with our customers.


Depending on the client, we provide special packaging. So feel free to make it as personal as you want. We are here at your service